Prohibited for purchase under 21 years of age

A1:Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can allow you to enjoy the pleasure of smoking while reducing potential impacts on health, can better meet personalized needs.

A2:Once your package is shipped, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number. We will track the shipment until it is safely sent to your address.

A3:The main feature of our products is high cost performance:
E-cigarettes: according to different products can choose different mouth and nicotine concentration, large smoke, good taste, smooth air flow
Packaging: small size, feel good, lightweight and easy to carry, safe, with chip protection system
Feeling:The product has a competitive price, good taste, good hand feeling, smooth airflow.

A4:All the products we sell are authentic and have authenticity guarantee, first of all, you need to scratch the product’s security code, you can scan the product’s security code and confirm the authenticity on the product’s website.

A5:We have DHL,UPS,DPD,AU POST and other logistics methods.
We are factory direct wholesale, each time you order to buy goods: we will be in the promised delivery time to you together with the shipment. After shipment, the package will be delivered to your home within 10-15 days of the transportation time.

A5:If the merchant doesn’t respond, please contact us directly after-sales WhatsApp:+52 8110085256


(1)We have high quality after-sales service, such as product quality problems, please contact customer service to communicate and negotiate in a timely manner, in accordance with the process to confirm that there is no error, we will be in the next order to make up for the shipment or give you a sample.

(2)Evidence statement

If it is a visualization fault, please take photos to prove it.
If it is a non-visualized fault, you need to take a video to illustrate it.
After our production department confirms the fault, the product can be replaced.

A7:Yes, the price you get is the lowest price.
The price of the product is based on the quantity, we have a strict price system, the more yo

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